Tuesday, October 09, 2007

I hate RSV

RSV is a respiratory virus that is basically a cold in adults, but is more dangerous in small children. This virus produces lot of mucous that babies can't handle. Daniel had it when he was three months old and was in the hospital for three days. He had a terrible cough and would cough so hard he would throw up mucous - usually all over me. We were in the doctor's office a few times before they admitted him to the hospital so that he could receive oxygen to help him breath. RSV can be rather scary, but it was nice to have a good doctor who could talk me through everything and reassure me that all we had to do was help him breathe with the oxygen and breathing treatments and then it would go away. I also got the "cold" and it triggered my asthma. I had trouble for weeks afterwards and ended up with sinus surgery to clear out the goo that was stuck in there from the chronic sinus infection that started with RSV. I hate RSV.

Last year on Christmas Eve, we took Daniel to the ER in Florida. He had RSV then as well, but it wasn't as bad because he was older. He did end up with pneumonia, but he didn't have to stay in the hospital. I also got it and was sick for the rest of the winter. Did I mention that I hate RSV?

When Sarah was in the doctor's office for her two month well-baby checkup, I asked when RSV season begins. Paul (pediatrician and good friend) told me that they start seeing some cases in December and then it gets worse from there. I wanted to be mentally prepared for it since we'd had it the last two seasons. However, I was not prepared to be dealing with it in October. Sarah was diagnosed with RSV this afternoon. Grrr... I hate RSV. So far, she is just congested and has yellow goo coming out of her nose. Her eyes are also a bit gooey, so we have eye drops for that. This is the way Daniel's started, and then it just gets worse from here. Some babies don't have a lot of trouble with it, and we're praying that Sarah will be one of those babies! We go back to the doctor on Friday... meanwhile, I'll be watching to see if she's having any trouble breathing. Please be praying!

Also, if you are sick, stay away from children and stay home! Even if you don't think you're sick, don't touch babies' hands, faces, etc. unless you are the caregiver! It seems like this would be a no-brainer, but I'm shocked at how many people don't think about what they could be spreading to children. I'm also shocked at how many people think that it's necessary to come to work when they're incredibly sick and contagious. They even think that it's something to be commended! "See, here I am at work when I feel so awful. The workplace could not go on without me." Did I mention that I hate RSV? I think we'll stay home all winter...


Polartribe said...

I hear you! Thankfully neither of my boys had RSV, but we ended up with Rotavirus and acute bronchitis with Elijah several times.

I also agree with you about people wanting to touch your baby! It irritates me when they touch Isaiah's hands and face! I did find a website to help with that, they make little signs that you attach to your sling/carseat/stroller that say "please wash your hands before you touch mine!" www.mytinyhands.com

Thanks for the reminder and the vent about getting sick!


Robin said...

I'm so sorry about RSV! I'll be praying for you all to make it through smoothly! And thanks for the reminder about staying home when sick!

The Hollands said...

I remember the RSV days with Anna. I'll be praying for peace of mind for you...and healing for little Sarah! ~Jaye~

Amy said...

I hate it when people think it's OK to touch others. It's a huge problem down here--culturally speaking. After Bryan had botulism, I started getting very stern with people. I also find it amazing that moms take their kids to the nursery when 'it's just a cold,' not owning that their snotty noses and coughs and sneezes make others sick. Ick. Of course these are the same moms who complain when their kids pick up viruses...You have my sympathy. We've done the hospital RSV thing, too, so you know I mean that!

Keri said...

I've been lucky and haven't had to deal with RSV yet...hang in there, Kari. HUGS!!!

I agree with you other Moms about the nursery...it's a breeding grounds! My son gets sick all the time with colds and I know it's from the nursery! But what do you do? Take your toddler into service where he will disrupt and you end up having to go out in the foyer and missing the service anyway?

Amy said...

We actually choose churches with a family atmosphere. If our kids aren't welcome in the service, we won't attend. We've left a few churches down here over that. There's a HUGE difference between a toddler being a toddler and a teenager or older kid being disrespectful. Jesus didn't say to exclude children, and I have a huge problem with 'bodies of Christ' who do. Not that anyone's talking about exclusion--this is just something I feel very strongly about. My kids don't stay in service with us normally, but I like knowing that if they do, we won't be judged or shushed.

Kim and Joel said...

I have had RSV once and it is crummy! I concurr with all you said. Right on! WASH HANDS WASH HANDS WASH HANDS!!!!!

Robin said...

How is Sarah doing?

I thought about you all today. I'm home with a cold/bronchitis, hoping I don't end up in the hospital again. I'm not sure if I caught it from the lady sitting next to me at work Friday coughing her head off, Or from the dozen or so people sitting around me in church coughing . . . and coughing . . . and coughing.

I'm a hand washing freak (before AND after every patient) but it's hard to stop airborne particles.

Why can't people just stay home when they're sick!?