Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines Day!

Here's what Brad did for our Valentiene's Day... shovel! Here's his car on the street in front of our house. We wanted to get a picture of that huge drift behind his car after he dug it out and moved it (he left the drift intact), but a big SUV decided to drive through it for the fun of it - then it didn't look so cool.

Jack really enojoyed romping around in the back yard. He is a BIG dog, with very long legs, although it doesn't really look like it here! In places the snow was higher than his chest.
Rachel's "cozy coupe" was parked alongside the garage. She was amazed to see it filled with snow.
"I'm melting... I'm melting!" She's not the Wicked Witch of the West, and she wasn't really melting - she was sinking. Rachel is standing up in this picture.
He came, he shoveled, he conquered! He made it to the garage! Tomorrow's task will be to get the van out of the garage. No one has traveled down the alley, yet, so that may be a task. Where, you may ask, is our really nice snowblower that we purchased a couple of houses ago? This is the biggest snow we've had in YEARS, and it certainly would have come in handy. The snowblower, of course, is still at our other house! I hope our neighbor got it started and got some use out of it, since we didn't. Moving is such fun. I did finally find my boots today in a random box. We're still looking for Rachel's snow pants and Daniel's snow mittens.
While all of this snow play was going on, Daniel and I did what we do best... made brownies! I hope we'll get him out in the snow tomorrow, now that the path is clear to the garage. That's where his snow pants are.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Pork Chops

For Sunday dinner, we went to a local Chinese buffet. They normally have good service, but that day we had to wait on just about everything, including silverware. As I was trying to get situated, Rachel asked rather loudly and excitedly, "Are we going to have to eat with pork chops?" I didn't understand what she meant the first time, so she repeated it for me. She was very relieved to know that we weren't going to have to eat with chop sticks, but that eventually they would bring us silverware (and drinks, too!).

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Where is Mom?

My mother told my sister today that she didn't know what to do with blogs. I'm trying to get her to at least check up on her grandchildren every now and then, or maybe that conversation that Kim, Keetha and I are having on my brother Kevin's blog. I'm hoping that maybe she'll check it out now that I've mentioned her on my blog.
If you check out the newest Terhune's progress on the bar above, you'll see that I may be feeling the baby kick. I am not feeling kicks, but I am feeling flip flops! I have been blessed with VERY active children, starting in the womb. Now that I'm writing about him/her, he/she is moving in response. Both of our other babies would stop moving as soon as I would speak - very weird. That way, it was very difficult for anyone else to see or feel them move!
A need to be writing down all the fun things that Daniel is saying and doing, and what better place than on the blog? That way, I can write it in his album later. His vocabulary now consists of the following words: Jack, mama, shoe, sock, that, hi, bye (sounds like he has a southern accent - ha, ba)... what other things is he saying, Mom? (Now you have to leave a comment for me.)
His favorite things to do: 1) put his (or anyone else's) shoes on - and if it doesn't work, he SCREAMS in frustration, 2) climb the stairs - looking to see if anyone is coming after him; if not, he waits until someone comes 3)open his mouth to let Jack lick INSIDE it - yuck - he just thinks it's hilarious 4) rock in rocking chairs 5) talk on the phone - anything can be a phone, including a teddy bear 6) lick the beater - Mom says that I have him well trained on this one - cookie dough is VERY yummy 7) walk around the table pushing or pulling a toy - or a bag of recyclables
Other random items: He will go and get a diaper when you ask him if it's time for a diaper change. That doesn't mean that he actually needs a diaper change, he just knows what a diaper is and where it is located. Then he hides or tries to run away to avoid the diaper change. He has been known to open a clean diaper, smell it, and say "blah," which is what we say when something is yucky.
He knows the signs for "eat," "all done," "ni-night," "cold," and "more."
Things he does while he's supposed to be taking a nap: 1) Remove socks and try to place them on hands 2) Throw all "unnecessary" items out of crib 3) Sit on bumper pad and place legs through slats in crib (they're wide enough to do this at Grandma's house). Proceed to bang legs against side of crib, making a great noise. 4) Bang head against side of crib until he cries 5) Bang head against side of crib until he cries 6) Lay down and make neat noises with mouth 7) Kick the wall 8) Bang head on side of crib until he cries 9) Scream, scream, and scream some more 10) Mess in his diaper (This all occurred today over the course of two hours that I was trying to get him to go to sleep at Grandma's house. I was laying silently in the "big girl bed" watching his antics.)
Rachel still loves to write and draw. She's been writing books lately - one in particular was interesting because it was blank. She made the cover and then explained that you could change this book every time you read it to whatever story you wanted it to be. Clever. She has played "waitress" a couple of times now, bringing me choices for ice cream, and then presenting me with the bill. My ice cream cost $4 and $.25 (separate bills) one time and $2 and $.25 the next. Thankfully, she gave me the "bills" I was supposed to pay her with. She did receive a tip in real money, which she thought was pretty neat. I was informed that I was not allowed to talk on my "selle phone" for that long in a restaurant (Amy and I were talking on the real phone and Rachel wrote me a note). I am also not allowed to call the waitress "baby." She's loving all of this snow - she went across the street to the big play area known as the City Hall lawn and dragged her sled around. She is missing her friends from our other house, and is rather angry with us at times for moving away.
Brad just came home and I thought he was going to bring me cookies from Subway, but they wouldn't come to the window! It's almost 11 and I'm hungry. I have to go find something to eat...