Friday, September 19, 2008


I FINALLY had Sarah's one-year pictures taken. Here are some of my favorites... she was having such a great time crawling between my mom and me. She was WAY too busy to pose for photos! We did get some good ones, though. You can see what a good mood she was in...

Here are the pictures from her first birthday, almost two months ago! I decided to try again to upload them... Enjoy! Cake, anyone?

Friday, September 12, 2008

Introducing C. Sebring

This is D. Stratus' replacement.

Daniel's Photo Tour

Here is a quick tour of our home from Daniel's perspective. (a.k.a. Daniel took off with a camera at some point and had a great deal of fun everywhere in the house.) Enjoy!

For those of you less aquainted with children's fare, here is a close up of Bob the Builder.

We finish off the tour with a self-portrait from our tour guide, Daniel.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fly-In / Cruise-In

Daniel was so excited to get to sit in the arial plane cockpit. All the sqadron's planes were sitting out for us to walk around and look in. This was the commander's plane. Below, the squadron is pictured in action. This is the 'world's only ethanol powered stunt team'.

This is Sarah and Grandma Joan waiting along the runway for the team to take off before the show. She has been sticking her tongue out since she was 15 seconds old.

They were giving helicopter rides and we got to see serveral of them take off and land from just a few feet away.

We all got to go through this flying museum. This is one of the original planes that participated in the Berlin Airlift following WWII.

Laboring on Labor Day

I had some kind of crazy idea that I could scrape, primer and paint my front porch over the weekend. I'd like to give a shout out to my dad, my wife and Janice (the neighborhood walker) for their help and encouragement. My goal is now to finish within a couple of weeks of starting.

Daniel had the right idea. Sit back and enjoy the day. By the way, I enjoyed myself too. There isn't anything that some music in the background can't make a joy.

Sarah did a great job of keeping herself occupied with toys and dancing to the music.

ATV Action from July

Daniel was very excited to be riding this Catepillar play truck. It was a garage sale purchase that had battery issues. He ended up pushing it around the yard as much as he rode it. Then came upgrade time.

He did simply sit on it for a while, but them Uncle Kevin started it up and let Daniel rev the engine some too.

All-Star Coach's Pitch

I am sure that Kari will add many more pictures about this, but I wanted to acknowledge Rachel's participation on the Hartford City All-Stars Coach's Pitch Team. She had a lot of fun. To be fair, she probably had more fun at the cook out and pool party, but it was a great time all the way around.

No He Didn't . . .

. . . Yes, He did.

I really hate it when the Bible and Christianity get dragged through the political mud much like it does here, where Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) compares Barack Obama to Jesus and Sarah Palin to Pontius Pilot.

"I submit to you, um, Mr. Speaker, that the parties have differences, but if you want change, but, you want the Democratic party, uh, Barack Obama was a community organizer like Jesus who our, uh, minister prayed about, uh, Pontius Pilate was a governor. Thank you, Mr. Speaker."

Thursday, September 04, 2008

In Memory of D. Stratus

Here is the aftermath of my first car crash and D. Stratus' first and last. He will be going to the car crusher sometime soon. The details are that we hit a van as it came to a full and complete stop at the railroad tracks. (I was forewarned with writing on their bumper, but it was too late.) The we was Rachel and I. Neither of us were hurt and no one was hurt in the other vehicle.