Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fly-In / Cruise-In

Daniel was so excited to get to sit in the arial plane cockpit. All the sqadron's planes were sitting out for us to walk around and look in. This was the commander's plane. Below, the squadron is pictured in action. This is the 'world's only ethanol powered stunt team'.

This is Sarah and Grandma Joan waiting along the runway for the team to take off before the show. She has been sticking her tongue out since she was 15 seconds old.

They were giving helicopter rides and we got to see serveral of them take off and land from just a few feet away.

We all got to go through this flying museum. This is one of the original planes that participated in the Berlin Airlift following WWII.

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Keri said...

How fun!!! My son would have LOVED this.