Wednesday, September 26, 2007

And again...

This time at Grandma's house while he was supposed to be napping. I'm pooped after cleaning it up again. He should be all pooped out as well, but I'm guessing he won't be. So now I'm dealing with a toddler who didn't get his nap, also! Of course I found him 5 minutes before Sarah was supposed to be at the doctor's office for a check-up. Ugh. This time the unpainted wall bore the brunt of the "painting." I haven't gotten all of it off yet. Yesterday, Brad was home just long enough to put all the linens in the laundry. He said he could smell it as soon as he came upstairs. So true.
So now what? A friend told me to cut the feet off his sleepers and put them on backwards so that he can't unzip them, but that won't help with the naptime issue. I'm thinking about moving him to his big boy bed for two reasons. First of all, Sarah's going to need the poopy crib sometime soon - poor innocent girl who would never think of something so gross. Secondly, maybe he would find something else to do instead of playing with it - like going to the potty! Of course, I'd have to put the potty in his room because I'm sure we'll have to gate him in his room to make him stay when we first switch him. This could backfire, however, because he could smear it all over his room instead of keeping it contained in the crib. Any thoughts?

Monday, September 24, 2007

Brownies and cribs

I didn't show you the crib on the last post...

The main part of the "brownie" that was left over was under the sheet next to the pillow. The offending sleeper with the broken snap that will never be used again by Daniel was under the sheet, also.

He's going in the potty pretty well, except when he absolutely refuses to sit on it - not even to get "Yum-yums" (M & M's - he's probably saying "yem-yem," but it sounds like yum-yum and it fits!

Sarah slept for 5 hours last night! We're making progress!! She also rolled over from her tummy to her back last week. She's officially 2 months old now. I'm going to post pictures of Sarah and Rachel at this age for comparison in the same outfits. It's deja vu. The only problem is that I have to scan the pictures of Rachel into the computer, since she was born in the age before digital cameras were popular. Dad bought his first digital camera the day Rachel was born, 7 years ago. Recently we tried to see how many megapixels that camera had and we had to look really hard! We finally found in fine print that it was 1 megapixel. I guess "digital camera" was enough to sell them back then without all the details. :) Most of our pictures were 35 mm and are not on the computer at all. Bummer.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Gross, gross, gross

So I guess I didn't hear Daniel the other morning when he was awake in his crib. Brad heard him when he was ready to take Rachel to school... I didn't hear him for another 30-40 minutes. When I found him, he was naked and his diaper was on the floor. Since this was the third such occurance (due to a sleeper that won't snap at the top which makes it really easy for him to remove), I took pictures for future evidence. All cleaned up... notice that he actually has diaper rash on his forehead! Thankfully that went away after a couple of hours. So last night I bought him a potty. Unfortunately, we can't find our other TWO potties, only the stepstools. He proudly took his potty from the living room into the bathroom and proceeded to take off his shorts and diaper. Then, with much fanfare, we put on a pull-up. This afternoon he actually went potty in the potty! We're having trouble putting the Pull-up back on after sitting on the potty. If you see my son outside with nothing on his bottom, please let me know. :)

Sunday, September 09, 2007


Daniel has discovered Bitty Baby. The other night, he was going around the house, putting her in all the places Sarah goes - her Pack n Play, the Boppy pillow, bouncy seat, and car seat - one after the other, over and over. It was so cute! When I put Baby Einstein on the TV for him, he pointed his index finger on the couch and said, "Down" so I would sit down next to him with my baby. He had his baby and proceeded to try to nurse his baby while I was nursing mine. Brad was appalled and would definitely not take a picture of that to put in a permanent album (and I didn't ask, although it was hilarious!) I did ask him to take a picture of us burping our babies, though. :)
This is for Keetha! Grandma bought the kids Colts attire this weekend - unfortunately, Sarah soiled her Colts sleeper so she was only able to model her Colts bib.
Daniel wanted get rinsed off in the sink rather than the bathtub. It doesn't work quite as well for him as it does for Sarah, but he enjoyed it!

Monday, September 03, 2007

Labor Day

Brad is holding Sarah, so I can actually post! I haven't been able to get much of anything done around the house because she is eating every two hours and not sleeping much at all. I was quite proud that we were able to get some jobs done today by laboring on Labor Day. It helps that Brad was home!

Daniel was helping Brad work in the upstairs bathroom. Of course, Brad was missing a part that he needed to complete replacing the sink and faucet, and the hardware store in town was closed. So, he and Daniel tried to fix the door so that it would latch.
My project was to finish removing the wallpaper in the bathroom downstairs. I had started it last October before we moved, and before I got pregant! I was tired of looking at the half-removed wallpaper and I finally had a little energy to work on it. I would do a little and then nurse the baby. Do a little more and nurse the baby. Then I put Daniel down for a nap. Then I nursed the baby... do you see the pattern?
This is how I finally got the project finished. She slept for quite awhile in her bouncy seat.
I did have a little help.
Above: Supervisor Daniel Below: Happy helper Rachel She actually ENJOYED removing the wallpaper and couldn't believe that I didn't get to do it when I was growing up.
Well, Mike and Kim, the picture of my Superboy standing up didn't turn out well, so here's the squatting version. He was wearing his jammies and had a pair of Rachel's panties on on top of his sleeper. It was very cute, but I'm sure he'll do it again so we can get a picture to post. He seems to think that when we squat down to take a picture of him, he needs to squat down, too. :)

New post... finally!

Rachel and her babydoll in the doll stroller :)

Rachel's Bitty Baby and my bitty baby Sarah with matching onesies in Sarah's swing

Sarah LOVES the Boppy pillow for tummy time...

...and so does Daniel.

My three kiddos - aren't they just adorable?