Thursday, September 20, 2007

Gross, gross, gross

So I guess I didn't hear Daniel the other morning when he was awake in his crib. Brad heard him when he was ready to take Rachel to school... I didn't hear him for another 30-40 minutes. When I found him, he was naked and his diaper was on the floor. Since this was the third such occurance (due to a sleeper that won't snap at the top which makes it really easy for him to remove), I took pictures for future evidence. All cleaned up... notice that he actually has diaper rash on his forehead! Thankfully that went away after a couple of hours. So last night I bought him a potty. Unfortunately, we can't find our other TWO potties, only the stepstools. He proudly took his potty from the living room into the bathroom and proceeded to take off his shorts and diaper. Then, with much fanfare, we put on a pull-up. This afternoon he actually went potty in the potty! We're having trouble putting the Pull-up back on after sitting on the potty. If you see my son outside with nothing on his bottom, please let me know. :)


Amy said...

We concede. Daniel wins the nastiest mess contest.

Kim and Mike said...

Gross!! However, he IS too cute!!!! What a big boy!

Anonymous said...

Faster than a flushing toilet!
Able to leak tight diapers in a single pull!
It's a terd!
It's a boy!


Robin said...


But I'm glad he's interested in the potty! Maybe you'll be down to just one diapered child soon!

Keetha said...

I'm just going to believe that is BROWNIE all over his face!!!! I can't BEAR to think anything else. (Or bare it either)

Jenny Marvin Mealy said...

Oh that is just so nasty! And I must say better you than me-I gagged just looking at the picture! He does clean up well however! He is really growing up fast. And he looks older too. Miss you guys!

Kim and Mike said...

Ooohhh, yuck, Keetha! If I think about it being a brownie, I'll never be able to eat a brownie again!!!!