Saturday, January 24, 2009

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Sarah is almost 18 months and has learned a favorite word - "no!" It's usually accompanied by a vigorous shaking of the head. Mom thought this outfit was so cute, and she told Sarah that she wanted to take a picture of her. Sarah, of course, said, "No!" and turned around. I managed to get a picture of her because she thought it was a game. I took pictures as she walked in and out of the room. She'd disappear for awhile and walk back in the room looking like she was very proud of herself.

Sarah LOVES babies, real or fake. Here she demonstrates how to care for a baby. You have to feed her, cover her up, and tell her "Nigh' nigh'!" You also have to take a break to talk on the phone.

Friday, January 09, 2009

Sunday School Dates and Topics

(Meeting @ Lakeview’s Cyber CafĂ©—9:15am)

[Spring Semester—A Study on the Topic of Sabbath]

11 - Introducing Sabbath: Starting to Stop
18 - Work: One Thing Before You Stop
25 - A Beautiful Mind: Thinking Anew

1 - The Rest of God: Finding What’s Missing
8 - In God’s Time: Seeing God’s Bigness
15 - The Rest of Time: Numbering Our Days Aright
22 - We’re Not in Egypt Anymore: Removing Taskmasters

1 - Losing My Religion: Stopping Legalism
8 - The Golden Rule: Finding Center
15 - Play: Just to Waste Time
22 - Restore: Becoming Whole
29 - Feast: Tasting the Kingdom

5 - Listen: Hearing God
12 - Remember: Picking Up the Pieces
19 - Reflect & Anticipate: Stopping to Glimpse Forever

Thursday, January 01, 2009


Changes in New York... I got a hair cut and Rachel got her ears pierced! Look closely to see Rachel's new earrings... they are daisies with a sapphire in the middle... very cute.

My sister-in-law Tara is a woman of many talents. She actually went to school to be a hair dresser just to cut hair for friends and family. She gave me a hair cut in the kitchen of Mom and Dad's apartment. Keep in mind that Tara also has a two-week-old baby, and she took the time to cut my hair - how sweet! Thanks, Tara :)