Friday, August 29, 2008

The Real Reason Brad Left YFC

I really wanted to let everyone know personally, but it's hitting the news. Here is one of the first news spots so you can keep up to speed with all that is happening: The Big Announcement.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

OK, Keetha, here's an update

Yep, July 4 was a LONG time ago. I knew that I hadn't posted in quite some time, but then I looked at the date of my last post and couldn't believe it had been that long! So much has happened that it was depressing thinking about updating it all, so I won't. I'll give you a few pictures tonight of Sarah's first birthday celebration during Family Camp. Of course, now it's a month past that date, but it's better late than never!

Sorry. This is all you get. I don't know if its blogger or my computer that won't open files, but it's driving me crazy! I got this one picture on here, but I'll try later to get more. I promise that I'll do better than Kevin at posting more often. :)