Saturday, November 18, 2006

A Walk Down Memory Lane...

I still have these weird "de javu" moments since we moved into the house that I grew up in... It's totally weird seeing my kids take a walk on the same sidewalks that Kim, Kevin, and I played on when we were kids. Even weirder knowing that the kids that we played with now have kids of their own and they walk home from school with Rachel! The big crack in the sidewalk is even still there. Rachel was so good about helping Daniel over it. It really made him mad when she picked him up to carry him over it. He tolerated it better when she just guided him.
Speaking of Daniel, I gave him a 6 quart stockpot to play with while I was fixing dinner the other day. He banged around with the wooden spoon, and then I looked over and saw him sitting in it! And not to forget Rachel, the other day, she very emphatically informed me that her book order had to be in by the "twenty-tooth!" (22nd, for those of you not familiar with 1st grader-ease)

Friday, November 03, 2006

One little, two little, three little Band-aids...

four little, five little, six little Band-aids... This was Daniel's song on Wed. - poor baby. We had his one year well-baby visit, and he got three shots and a finger stick. That Band-aid was really neat because he could stare at it. Then we went to the mall, where he was such a good little shopper, and everyone was making over him. Then, it happened. As he was toddling down a nice, wide aisle at Elder-Beerman, he fell, as 1-year olds frequently do. However, this time his head met the edge of a metal cart full of clothes. I picked him up to comfort him, not realizing that he was covered in blood, so I had blood all over my face and he had blood all over his forehead, hair, ear... you get the idea. It was a little gash, but it was a gash nonetheless. So, back to the doctors office we went, but not before receiving Band-aid number 5 on the forehead and Band-aid number 6 to hold in his hand. At least he was a happy fellow through the whole thing, except when we all had to hold him down to get his wound glued shut. I have NEVER seen him that mad, and he quit screaming IMMEDIATELY when I picked him up. He just gave Paul (our pediatrician) and the nurses who had mistreated him "the look." I had never been in the "procedure room" of that office before and I hope to never be there again!
Well, we are in our new house, but we're still going back to the old house and taking loads of stuff whenever we are in Marion, which is just about every day at this point. We're slowly getting settled in, taking one day at a time. I actually cooked TWICE this week and I have leftovers in my fridge! For awhile, we were keeping the local Pizza King in business, but that's a really expensive way to eat. So, now I'm off to bed, but I need to make sure I can find a complete outfit including shoes for everyone tomorrow. That's the challenge we have every night. The kids have made the adjustment quite well, and I'm starting to get over the weirdness of living in this house again. I still have my moments of deja vu, which I'm sure will happen over and over again. It's quite fun, I must say, and very peaceful amidst the clutter and chaos of life. God is good!