Thursday, August 23, 2007

Dog Found

Male Lahsa Apso found at 3:30pm, August 23, corner of Franklin and Cherry Streets. Approximately 7 years old. Mostly white with gray in the lower ears and on front paws. He has a lopsided tail. Red collar, but the tag is unreadable. Very friendly. Tasted like chicken.
All joking aside, lost people get found at church all the time. Check out a local congregation near you to see what can be found.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Life at home

Look at those perfect, little feet!
A friend from church made her this darling, hooded towel. She loves bath time, as long as she doesn't get cold! So far, she has only been bathed in the bathroom sink.
Today, Sarah sat next to Daddy on the couch while he finished up some work. I think she likes this sitting up thing!
After bath time, ready for bed - had to get a picture of the curls, although you can't see them very well. I'm hoping she'll have curly hair like Daniel's - this time we won't have to cut the curls off!
Big sister Rachel loves to hold Sarah until she starts crying. She's rather annoyed when Sarah stops crying as soon as I pick her up. Rachel does a very good job with her, though. I will miss her help when she goes to school Thursday.
Daniel always wants to hold "the babay." Maybe I should spell it "bebe" with an accent mark over the second syllable. He will actually try to pull her away from me or pick her up from whatever she's in. When he's done, he pushes her away. She started crying last night when we were on our porch, and he tried to lift up my shirt while saying, "Eat, eat." The baby eats when she cries - he's just trying to be helpful and expose where she eats for the whole world to see. How nice. I'm amazed at how much he understands!
He was getting a little jealous of Mommy time. He tried to push "the bebe" away so he could have some lap room. We settled for one of Mommy's legs while Daddy snapped pictures. He loves to pose for the camera!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

One house and only one...

We FINALLY closed on our house (the one that we've been trying to sell since October) on Friday. Now we own only one house! (Techically, the bank owns more of it than we do, but we still like to think that we own it.) Only one mortgage payment... no home equity loans... one gas bill... one electric bill... one lawn to mow... it just feels great! Praise the Lord for selling our house!