Thursday, May 31, 2007


Since Best Buy is still holding my laptop hostage, most of our pictures have ended up on Brad's laptop. He seems to think that he should take it to work with him every day, so I haven't have many opportunites to update our blog with pictures. Your wait is over! I have several pictures for you in the next couple of posts.

First of all, as promised to Keetha, here is the picture of me with our third child on Mother's Day. Yes, I am just huge... everywhere! We think we are going to name her Sarah Elizabeth. I'll post more pictures of her when I have another ultrasound in a couple of weeks. It's really hard for me to believe it, but I was actually measuring small this last visit. I'd hate to see what I look like if I were measuring large! The only reason I believe it is because I measured small with Rachel and Daniel, too. I just have tiny babies...

Sarah continues to make her presence known with lots of movement and many, many annoying contractions. At least it's not as bad as when I was pregnant with Daniel. Tonight she had the hiccups - I think that's the first that I've felt it with her. Rachel is having a great time trying to identify body parts that are moving. She thought it was really funny that she was probably feeling Sarah's bottom. :)

Mom is now concerned that Sarah and my little nephew David will be born on the same day. Wouldn't that be fun? David is due about a week before Sarah. Mom will go crazy with TWO babies, especially when they're together!


Rachel is playing coaches' pitch/tee-ball this year. I'll post more pictures later, but the one I had on this computer is of her wearing all the catcher's gear! The girls rotate positions each inning, so they can learn about all the different positions. She likes being the "pitcher" the best. She doesn't actually pitch, but she stands on the pitcher's mound and fields the ball. I think she likes it the best because that's where most of the action is!
She was thrilled to help me plant flowers in the corner in our back yard. Daddy dug the holes and we filled them in!
We spent Memorial Day weekend out at the campgrounds. Here she is pretending to be asleep with Jack on our couch in the cottage. Don't they look comfy? Jack is such a good sport.
One side note from the weekend... several small dogs were there this weekend, and when Daniel saw them, he would "meow," as if they were kitties :) Uncle Mike would be proud. We, of course, have a "real dog," never to be confused for a kitty.

Happy Mother's Day to me!


Here's Daniel in the ER examining his new bandage on his hand. That's where they finally were able to draw blood. This was from the Rat Poison Incident. (See Yummy Part 2)

Daniel loves his "cah" or "car" as we like to call it. Here he is driving around with several of Rachel's bracelets on his arm. He insisted upon wearing the bracelets. He also likes to put several of her hair rubber bands on his upper arm, but those tend to cut off all circulation, which bothers me.
And he had just learned to say "hair"...
This is really all Amy's fault. Barry uses the clippers to cut her boys' hair, and I thought Brad could do the same. It would make for a nice, cool summer haircut and we would have to pay to have it cut. Good idea, right? See below and then you can tell me what you think.
Really I think Brad was just jealous that Daniel had more hair than he did, so he cut it all off!!!!! It was supposed to be 7/8" but supposedly it wasn't cutting any more. So Brad pulled out the SHORTEST one, so his hair became only 1/8 " long. Sniff, sniff. Such beautiful hair.... all on the FLOOR! (and in the bib, high chair and all over the kitchen in general.) This was a few weeks ago, and it actually has grown quite a bit since then. It might even need to be trimmed again!
Here we are on Mother's Day. I've finally started to recognize my boy again with his military cut. :)

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Yummy, part 2

Last week we were working at the "old" house, trying to get the jungle mowed and trying to pack up what is left. Rachel and Daniel were downstairs by themselves for a little bit, and then Rachel went up to help Brad in the attic. She was playing with some of the bait that the exterminators left for the mice we used to have (it was GREAT stuff) in the attic. Brad told her not to play with it because it was rat poison. She responded by saying that Daniel had been EATING IT! Ugh. She found the poison in question - he had found it in the kitchen somewhere - and sure enough it had a chunk out of it. It was a red wax cylinder with "seeds" of the poison in it. We didn't know for sure if Daniel had taken the chunk out of it, or if it was some critter who had munched on it this winter. We never had mice in the house, only in the attic, but the exterminator put some under the sinks and behind the appliances just in case we ever did have unwanted visitors.
Anyway, I called the poison people and they told me to take him to the ER. Big sigh. So, our evening of work was cut short... we basically drove over the Marion to let Daniel eat some rat poison and then spend a few hours in the ER! We did get first rate treatment - the poison people had called the hospital to let them know we were coming, so I didn't even get to finish checking in before they took us back to a room. The nurse informed me that the poison was actually coumadin (a blood thinner). The rats/mice would eat the stuff and then bleed to death. So, they would do some blood tests to check his clotting and make sure he didn't get too much of it. After a couple of hours, they let us know that he was just fine and we finally got to eat supper and then go home! Supper at 9pm was not anything this prenant woman would plan...
While we were there, we got a visit from our favorite PA who lives in Indiana - Greg Broyles! (Of course, Robin is my favorite PA.) Greg gave us some great medical advice - next time, feed him cereal!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Star Wars!

Your Star Wars Name And Title

Your Star Wars Name: Karte Mahar

Your Star Wars Title: Enucho of Darb
Jenn posted this on her blog, so I HAD to try it. After all, it's 12:23 am and the kids are at Grandma and Grandpa's! I don't have to get up tomorrow until 3pm or so!

Monday, May 07, 2007

House update

Well, we accepted an offer on our house a couple of weeks ago, with the offer being contingent on the guy selling his house out of state by May 7 (today.) We did protect ourselves by adding to the contract that he would have 48 hours to remove the contingency if we received another offer. Friday, the realtor called and said he wanted to extend the date to sell his house to June 30. Ugh. I was hoping we had just paid the last of the mortgage payments on that house! I guess he has a buyer, but the process is not going well and the house continues to be shown. Ours is also being shown, but we have not received any additional offers up to this point. We have some good prospects moving into town that are very interested, but the timing isn't quite right to make an offer. So I would ask for your continued prayers regarding this house. We've been paying two mortgage payments for 7 months now, which is a bit of a drain on the family finances, but the Lord continues to provide! It will just be nice to have to pay for and maintain only one house. :)