Thursday, May 31, 2007


Rachel is playing coaches' pitch/tee-ball this year. I'll post more pictures later, but the one I had on this computer is of her wearing all the catcher's gear! The girls rotate positions each inning, so they can learn about all the different positions. She likes being the "pitcher" the best. She doesn't actually pitch, but she stands on the pitcher's mound and fields the ball. I think she likes it the best because that's where most of the action is!
She was thrilled to help me plant flowers in the corner in our back yard. Daddy dug the holes and we filled them in!
We spent Memorial Day weekend out at the campgrounds. Here she is pretending to be asleep with Jack on our couch in the cottage. Don't they look comfy? Jack is such a good sport.
One side note from the weekend... several small dogs were there this weekend, and when Daniel saw them, he would "meow," as if they were kitties :) Uncle Mike would be proud. We, of course, have a "real dog," never to be confused for a kitty.

Happy Mother's Day to me!


Keetha said...

BTW - - - I really like Sarah Elizabeth. That will make you have three Bible characters - - - Rachel, Daniel, and Sarah.

Terhune family said...

We didn't intent to name our children all biblical names, but since the first two did, we figured the third would feel left out.

Amy said...

Whenever Rachel complains about doggy drool or Jack's bad breath, you have proof that she once chose to sleep that close to his mouth.