Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Yummy, part 2

Last week we were working at the "old" house, trying to get the jungle mowed and trying to pack up what is left. Rachel and Daniel were downstairs by themselves for a little bit, and then Rachel went up to help Brad in the attic. She was playing with some of the bait that the exterminators left for the mice we used to have (it was GREAT stuff) in the attic. Brad told her not to play with it because it was rat poison. She responded by saying that Daniel had been EATING IT! Ugh. She found the poison in question - he had found it in the kitchen somewhere - and sure enough it had a chunk out of it. It was a red wax cylinder with "seeds" of the poison in it. We didn't know for sure if Daniel had taken the chunk out of it, or if it was some critter who had munched on it this winter. We never had mice in the house, only in the attic, but the exterminator put some under the sinks and behind the appliances just in case we ever did have unwanted visitors.
Anyway, I called the poison people and they told me to take him to the ER. Big sigh. So, our evening of work was cut short... we basically drove over the Marion to let Daniel eat some rat poison and then spend a few hours in the ER! We did get first rate treatment - the poison people had called the hospital to let them know we were coming, so I didn't even get to finish checking in before they took us back to a room. The nurse informed me that the poison was actually coumadin (a blood thinner). The rats/mice would eat the stuff and then bleed to death. So, they would do some blood tests to check his clotting and make sure he didn't get too much of it. After a couple of hours, they let us know that he was just fine and we finally got to eat supper and then go home! Supper at 9pm was not anything this prenant woman would plan...
While we were there, we got a visit from our favorite PA who lives in Indiana - Greg Broyles! (Of course, Robin is my favorite PA.) Greg gave us some great medical advice - next time, feed him cereal!


Amy said...

Great advice, but one question: does Greg have any BOYS? If so, has it been so long that he's forgotten that boys will eat anything--except their wonderfully prepared homemade meals, of course. Mine have never eaten anything intended to kill something, but they have eaten cockroaches, poop, dog food, and dirt. Appetizing, eh?

Keetha said...

Greg has two boys - - - - if you could have HEARD his tone instead of just reading it - - - you'd have known you were just hearing his sense of humor.

I'm highly incensed that Greg can't at least TIE with Robin as your favorite PA - - - who is this Robin anyway?????

I can almost guarantee you that Greg has been one longer - - - - - - - - and quite probably has even known you longer - - - - -

What other things can I say in his favor????

Keetha said...

Oh, by the way,

Here's another "eating" medical advice story from the infamous Greg Broyles, PAC

Years ago Greg was the medical provider for the Grant County Jail (as part of his duties when he was at Ambucare) One day they brought a prisoner in to Ambucare to see him. Seems the prisoner had eaten a light bulb.

Greg ordered x-rays - - - observed that all was passing through ok - - - and sent the guy back to jail.

That night, we got a phone call AT HOME from some authority at the jail to report that the same prisoner had eaten ANOTHER light bulb.

Greg asked the guard (or whomever it was that called) if they had asked the man WHY he was eating the light bulbs. The man's response was, "I was hungry."

Realizing the man was just trying to get out of jail on a "field trip," and knowing that the bulb was probably going to just pass through normally anyway - - - Greg told the guard to tell him to eat a larger wattage next time, and to go back to his cell until it passed.

Terhune family said...

Greg was totally kidding. He just popped in to say hi - we didn't get to see him this time because we went through the actual ER track instead of the Fast Track. So, we had a doctor who reminded us of Greg's "advice" when we checked out :) I didn't get to talk to Greg much, though, because he came in in the midst of the blood drawing episode.
Keetha, Greg has known me longer and has been a PA longer than Robin. However, Robin was my roommate in college, we were (and are) great friends, and were in each other's weddings. The girlfriend thing wins out - no offense to Greg, of course. :) She lives in Nashville.

Robin said...

Ahhh, I feel so special! I'm so glad Daniel is okay, and that your ER experience was a good one, though probably not exactly your idea of a good family outing.

Keetha, I'm not sure how I never ended up meeting you. My husband and I were at Lakeview for 5 years (1998-2003), and you seem to know all of my IWU friends (I was there 1991-1995). I even remember Kari talking about you often!

Keetha said...

It's a funny world, isn't it???

I teach at LCS - - - and have been there 8 years, so our time even overlapped, and still we didn't meet!!!!

I guess if Greg can't be Kari's favorite PA, I'll be happy to pass that honor over to you - - - -

Keetha said...

96 - - - I'm moving MY part of the ongoing conversation from Kevin' party blog over here. I think as long as he's getting our attention by NOT posting, he won't post. So - - - lets see what happens if we stop commenting on HIS blog and come over here instead!!!!! :-)

Keetha said...

Ah ha - - - - Kari, seems like others have continued to post on Kevin's blog, but I still think if we ignore him, he may post again.

Jenn Mealy said...

I just think that for a family that seems to have it so together it is horrific that your children are so malnourished that they have to eat rat poison. You have to stop starving those poor children. I know you didn't want anyone to know, but this has got to stop Kari-first dirt and now this. I seriously think some intervention is in order.