Monday, September 03, 2007

Labor Day

Brad is holding Sarah, so I can actually post! I haven't been able to get much of anything done around the house because she is eating every two hours and not sleeping much at all. I was quite proud that we were able to get some jobs done today by laboring on Labor Day. It helps that Brad was home!

Daniel was helping Brad work in the upstairs bathroom. Of course, Brad was missing a part that he needed to complete replacing the sink and faucet, and the hardware store in town was closed. So, he and Daniel tried to fix the door so that it would latch.
My project was to finish removing the wallpaper in the bathroom downstairs. I had started it last October before we moved, and before I got pregant! I was tired of looking at the half-removed wallpaper and I finally had a little energy to work on it. I would do a little and then nurse the baby. Do a little more and nurse the baby. Then I put Daniel down for a nap. Then I nursed the baby... do you see the pattern?
This is how I finally got the project finished. She slept for quite awhile in her bouncy seat.
I did have a little help.
Above: Supervisor Daniel Below: Happy helper Rachel She actually ENJOYED removing the wallpaper and couldn't believe that I didn't get to do it when I was growing up.
Well, Mike and Kim, the picture of my Superboy standing up didn't turn out well, so here's the squatting version. He was wearing his jammies and had a pair of Rachel's panties on on top of his sleeper. It was very cute, but I'm sure he'll do it again so we can get a picture to post. He seems to think that when we squat down to take a picture of him, he needs to squat down, too. :)


Amy said...

Brad just needs 2 more boys to fight over the power tools with. :) Did I tell you that Bryce started hiding screwdrivers in his room? Just in case he needs to fix something. He's become quite good at removing battery covers and replacing batteries. I think Papa Shanks will have a little mechanic helper--whether he wants one or not! Oh, and yes, your kiddos are adorable! I'm glad to finally see some new pictures. :)

Keetha said...

Fun times!!! (And - - - Brad is wearing his SKIRT again in that first picture!!!!!! Hehehehehehe)

Love the "Super boy" Toooooo funny.

I HATE remodeling projects - - - but you all look SO HAPPY doing them. Wanna come do some for me?!? ;-)

Terhune family said...

Keetha, the "happy" pictures were staged. I figured that the caption to the photo of me removing wallpaper with a steamer on a steamy day should have been "I'm one hot mamma!"

Keri said...

LOL I can so relate with the nursing thing!!! That's the only down side (to nursing, I mean)...when they're so tiny and constantly attached to you. LOL! I felt like MJ's first 3 months of life I spent planted on the couch!! You're looking great and you ARE one hot momma!!! Kudos to you for finding the energy to do remodeling stuff with a teeny nurser!!!

Kim and Mike said...

You know, I can still remember when mom and dad were papering that bathroom and we supposedly had a tornado headed right for Hartford City. We got the blankets ready while they finished papering. The tornado never came, thank goodness! It would have messed up their new walls! :)