Sunday, September 09, 2007


Daniel has discovered Bitty Baby. The other night, he was going around the house, putting her in all the places Sarah goes - her Pack n Play, the Boppy pillow, bouncy seat, and car seat - one after the other, over and over. It was so cute! When I put Baby Einstein on the TV for him, he pointed his index finger on the couch and said, "Down" so I would sit down next to him with my baby. He had his baby and proceeded to try to nurse his baby while I was nursing mine. Brad was appalled and would definitely not take a picture of that to put in a permanent album (and I didn't ask, although it was hilarious!) I did ask him to take a picture of us burping our babies, though. :)
This is for Keetha! Grandma bought the kids Colts attire this weekend - unfortunately, Sarah soiled her Colts sleeper so she was only able to model her Colts bib.
Daniel wanted get rinsed off in the sink rather than the bathtub. It doesn't work quite as well for him as it does for Sarah, but he enjoyed it!


Keetha said...

I LOVE the picture of Daniel "burping" Bitsy!!!

When I was expecting Korie, Kelly was 4 and he used to put on a play skirt and tuck a teddy bear under his shirt!! (That was back in the day when he was just a cute little thing.

LOVE the kids in Colts gear. I can't see Rachel's - - - is her shirt a Colts shirt too?!?

You do know that if you don't DRESS those kids in their Colts gear for EVERY GAME and then when you don't we lose - - - it (the loss) will be ALL YOUR FAULT, don't you!?! (Hehehehehe)

Amy said...

Bryce & Bryan have both tried nursing dolls. I don't think Barry was around to comment. Where did Grandma get the Colts outfits? We're still wearing our SuperBowl t-shirts, but now that a new season is starting, I'm looking for something else. We're in Cowboy country, you know. We have to do something to stand out!

Robin said...

Wow, that was a good laugh! Daniel is too funny!

I think they all need Nashville Predators shirts!

Terhune family said...

Keetha, Yes, Rachel's is a Colts shirt - we tried to get Sarah away from her shirt, but I guess it didn't work :) I don't understand Colts shirts that aren't blue - sort of like the pink Cubs hat she has.
Amy, Got 'em at Walmart. Did she get her daughter anything, though?
Robin, My kids will wear what you buy them... as long as it's not some other baseball team besides the Cubs. Hockey is fine :) BTW Sarah is wearing the cute, little, blue, sleeveless outfit (how's that for a bunch of adjectives!) you bought for Rachel - she's wearing it in the picture of her sleeping while I'm stripping wallpaper.

The Hollands said...

Ha! Love the pictures...Joseph loves to play with the baby dolls. They too like to do whatever Meredith does! ~Jaye~

Kim and Mike said...

Daniel is too cute! And Sarah is getting huge! I can't believe how big she is! Rachel is looking all grown up....I can't believe it.

Anon said...


Love the Bitty Baby, too funny.

Kim and Joel said...

They are such cuties! What a great picture of Daniel in the sink. He'll love that when you show it in a few years!