Thursday, September 04, 2008

In Memory of D. Stratus

Here is the aftermath of my first car crash and D. Stratus' first and last. He will be going to the car crusher sometime soon. The details are that we hit a van as it came to a full and complete stop at the railroad tracks. (I was forewarned with writing on their bumper, but it was too late.) The we was Rachel and I. Neither of us were hurt and no one was hurt in the other vehicle.


Keetha said...

Oh Kari!!!!

I'm so sorry this happened - - - so glad you and Rachel are OK.

Michelle said...

Hi Kari!

I'm so glad you both are ok!! We totaled our mini van shortly after Susanna was born and God was gracious enough to get us enough insurance proceeds to get a big conversion van "cash on the barrel" He's so good at unexpected blessings...we came out of it with some much needed extra space and nobody was hurt. PTL

I enjoyed checking in with you!

Amy said...

Wow. I'm glad you're OK! I have a friend who's trying to sell her car...too bad you're not in El Paso!

BTW, I'm sending this via my brand spankin' new MacBook! Yay for federal student loans! :)