Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Good news... bad news

The good news is that Sarah is much better. She went to the doctor on Friday and was about the same as Tuesday when we went, which is wonderful for RSV patients. I guess the early cases of RSV aren't as bad a later in the season. It didn't really go to her chest and affect her breathing - just lots of yellow goo in her nose. She's still sleeping in her car seat at night to keep her head elevated. She actually slept 7 1/2 hours on Friday night! We usually get 4-5 to begin the night, so 7 1/2 was a welcome change! Of course, we kept waking up wondering when she was going to get up, and Daniel was up during that time. She also hasn't slept that well since then, but we appreciated the effort. The doctor put her on an antibiotic for a secondary infection and the goo is clearing up. All three of my children were on antibiotics at the same time - that's a first!
The bad news is that since this was so early and relatively easy, she could get it again this winter. Ugh. I'm thankful this one wasn't bad, though. We'll pray that if she does get it again and we're going to end up in the hospital, please allow it to happen before the end of the year so that we don't have a new $3000 deductible to meet! The insurance is paying everything 100% at this point.
So, once again, please remember to stay home when you're sick! I hope you're feeling better, Robin!

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