Saturday, April 04, 2009

Home Improvement

We've been working hard, getting our house ready to put on the market. We would just like to be closer to Brad's workplace and Rachel's school! Several projects had been started, so now we're finishing them and starting more! In the past month, we've removed the wallpaper from two rooms and a stairway and painted four rooms. We still have to repair one wall in the music room and the huge wall in the stairway. Then we can finish painting. The trim still needs to be done, as well.
Here I am on the second floor using the steamer to take the wallpaper off. Brad put the ladder over the railing, so I was up high!

Here's a little bit of "before" and "after" together! The striped wallpaper was the same that was in the music room when I was a kid. This wall is plaster and needs a bit of work to be paint-ready. The cream color on the right is the finished product.
The wall behind Mom to the left is the same wall as above.
"After" in the music room...
Try not to pay attention to the three darling children in this picture... check out the wallpaper behind them. It actually came off rather easily, and now the kitchen is painted green.


Keetha said...

Welcome back to blogland, even if it is only for one short brief visit.

You guys move more than anyone I know!!!

Keri said...

I love the new colors!!!

Keri said...

Oh and it looks DANGEROUS being on that ladder like that!

Beth Demorest said...

looks great. what days are you available for picture hanging?

Kim and Mike said...

Wow! What a difference! It looks so good! Too bad you have to move now! I don't know that I could have been on that ladder. :)