Thursday, February 26, 2009

Latest Kid Quotes

Sarah is just talking away these days... she's 19 months old. She'll try to say just about anything, including "Up," "Help me," and "Chitchel" (Rachel - that's what Daniel called her, although he is now calling her "Rachel"). "Ah" means "Grandma" or "Grandpa," whichever is nearby. She tries to say "Daniel," and will frequently go around the room naming everyone. One of her favorite things to do is identify body parts, like nose ("no"), eyes, mouth, teeth, ears, toes, fingers, etc. She likes to put her fingers in my nose, eyes, mouth, etc. That's especially nice after she has just done this to Jack, our dog.

Daniel likes to have "chocolate milk in milk." Of course, that drives Rachel crazy, and she tries to correct him, which causes lots of screaming... Last night, while Daniel and Sarah were taking a bath, Daniel decided to dump cups of water out on the floor, which Sarah quickly followed. By the time I got it stopped, the floor was soaked. After spanking the perpetrator, he said, "But we were having fun!"

Daniel has recently discovered his middle name, after I used it when he was disobeying. He told me that he was not "David," he was Daniel! After convincing him that he is, in fact, Daniel David Terhune, he says it ALL THE TIME! "I'm Daniel David Terhune!" During the name discussion, I asked Daniel what my name was. He told me "Mommy." I asked what my last name was, and he said"Mommy Terhune." TOO CUTE!! Later, when Daniel was calling for Rachel, he was yelling, "Rachel Lynn!" We cracked up that he was calling her with her middle name.

Rachel told me that she didn't like going to Lakeview. I know this isn't true because she is thrilled to go to school and hang out with her friends, unlike last year when it was difficult to get her out the door in the morning. Not that she enjoys getting out of bed, but she is much more excited about school than before. Anyway, when I asked her why she didn't like Lakeview, she claimed it was because she just couldn't do the math. She hated long division! Coming from a family of math people, this was hard to swallow, but we kept encouraging her to keep working. This week she seems to have had a breakthrough! Now she is doing long division for fun, and is working ahead in the book! What an amazing transformation!!


Jewel said...

LONG DIVISION!? How old is Rachel? I don't remember learning long division before 4th or 5th grade!

Keetha said...

Not all my children LOVED science either - - - - apples don't ALWAYS fall directly below the tree!!!

Kim and Mike said...

LOL! They are all too funny!

Terhune Family said...

Rachel is a third grader.

angie leverence said...

Great it!

Just wanted you to know that our link changed...I noticed on your sidebar you have an old one.