Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Another Daniel-ism

Recently, Daniel was playing with Daddy's tape measure. He tried to measure my head and told me, "I'm measuring you to see how old you are."

Digital camera update: After Daniel washed our newest digital camera in the dishwater, Rachel lost our older, more expensive one. Since the federal government was so kind as to return some of our own money to us in the form of an economic stimulus check, we got a new camera! I'm kicking myself for ordering it from Best Buy... you would think I would have learned my lesson from the laptop fiasco. Their website said this camera had a rechargeable battery and it was included. It was not. I called to complain. They sent me a rechargeable battery - problem is that the camera will not charge the battery with the USB cord, which means I now have a nice rechargeable battery and no way to charge it. When I called again to complain, their website had been fixed, and a note was made on my complaint that there was nothing to fix on the website (as if it had been right all along!!! If it was correct in the first place, why did they agree to send me a battery???) So, I'm waiting on someone else to call me about the matter.

The bottom line is that I can actually start posting pictures again!!! Just not right now :)


Amy said...

Dishwasher, huh? Creative hiding place. Because, of course, he was just trying to hide it, right? :) Bryan "hid" my new $300 splurge of a cell phone in the bathtub. It was full of water--and bubbles.

Keetha said...

You and your Best Buy luck - - - - too bad!!!

Keetha said...

I got a new digi cam today - - - not because my other one was washed or flushed, but because my other one was tooooooo slow to focus. Go see the pix on my blog of my new toys.

Amy said...

BTW, I didn't forget your birthday. Your present should be arriving at your door within a few weeks. I had to special order it. :)