Monday, April 28, 2008


Here is Rachel's report on Florence Nightingale - I'll spell it just the way it's written... My commentary is in italics.

Did you know Florence Nightingale was born in Florence Itly 1820? Florence did't go to school but her father taught her. Florence did not want to get married. (Neither does Rachel, I'm told) Instead she wanted to be a nurse. Her parents told her that she could not be a nurse but later on they said she could be a nurse. Florence was very good at working with people sometimes she helped people from war. Florence read books about health and a lot about hospitals. She was haveing a nice time being a nurse. 200 years ago hospitals were nothing like hospitals today. Back then they were filled with durt and very crouded but toaday hospitals are much beter! One day Florence Nighingale became blind and then became ill and died and that was the end of Florence Nightingale (I laughed out loud when I read that phrase - I love it!) but we will always rember her.

This is the "Fun Fact" written in a circle on the first page - There is a Florence Nightngale museam in London. It would have lots of information about Florence and the book of Florence is a great book. I think you would like it.

Rachel is a second grader this year - her stories are always fun. If it weren't so late, I'd scan her illustration so you could see what Florence Nightingale looks like :)


Amy said...

I love how kids are so to-the-point when writing reports! I have the hardest time getting Sydney to elaborate. "Pretend I don't know," I tell her. "But, Mom, you DO know. So how can I pretend you don't?" Funny how she can imagine anything else into reality. Thanks for sharing Rachel's story--misspellings and all.

Daniel & Sarah are doing cute things, too! I can't imagine the mayhem that would ensue were we to get together with our clans. I'm sure Bryce, Syd, & Rachel would be fine. Brady, Bryan, & Daniel, however, would devise some evil plan to take over the world. And they'd probably succeed. Scary. Wait--perhaps an extra large dog kennel would help contain them....

Keri said...

Very cute and that last line made me laugh, too!!

Kim and Mike said...

I had to laugh out loud, too!