Thursday, April 12, 2007

Crammed back indoors

After several days of being out of the house and free because of the nice weather, it has been a bummer being stuck back inside with the low temperatures and storms. I (Brad) mowed the yard after work on Tuesday and then it snowed around midnight. Being crammed inside can have some fun moments too.

Here Rachel is using her cookie press to make Kari's favorite sugar cookies. Rachel made the press in a pottery class at Blackford High School.

Below Daniel is helping to clean up. Whatever he managed to move around and rearrange was at least a lot of fun for him.


Keetha said...

OK Brad, fess up - - - how in the world did you fit in that little teeny tiny tent?

Looks like lots of fun, but I vote for WARM weather to return!!

Kim and Mike said...

That DOES look like a lot of fun! :) I want the warm weather back, too! My azaleas all died last week when the temps dropped below freezing! (It's just not right having cold weather and no snow to accompany it!)

Btw....can I have a cookie? :) They look really good!

Amy said...

Ah, indoor tents. Where would my kids sleep without them? The cookie press is impressive. Good job, Rachel! And tap into Daniel's willingness to help in the kitchen--who knows how long that'll last. :)

Kim and Mike said...

That picture of Daniel reminds me of Kevin standing on a chair at the sink making time he was using hot water! :)