Thursday, January 04, 2007

Poor Girl

Rachel fell and hit the corner of her eye on a metal bar. She's going to have a great looking black eye, and she's really worried that everyone will laugh at her at school. So, please pray for my baby girl, that her eye won't hurt and neither will her feelings. :)


Kim and Mike said...

Poor thing! Kia feels bad for her, too. :( How did she manage to do this? I guess you'll have to tell Daniel to quit pushing her around. :)

Terhune family said...

Ask Brad

Amy said...

Give Rachel our condolences. Kids are cruel, but I'm sure her friends will be sympathetic!

Keetha said...

you did put ice on it, didn't you?

Ice is a 'miracle' drug to keep away bruising - - - -

Kim and Mike said... did she do at school with her black eye?