Saturday, January 06, 2007

Here she is

Her first black eye... I must say it looks worse in person. She thought it looked better today - we didn't have the heart to tell her that although the puffiness was down, the color was UP. I didn't get a picture today, though. She made it through school Friday with one little boy laughing at her and two trips to the nurse for ice. She was very innocently explaining how the nurse wanted to know what happened and when it happened, etc. Thankfully Mom told me that the nurse is the mother of my best friend in elementary school, so she really should believe Rachel when she said she fell off the bed!

A Rachel story... She was very cute when we were going to Marion tonight. She wanted to know where Florida was on the map and where we are. Since we just flew back from Florida, she wanted to know why it took so long (2 whole hours!). I guess she doesn't remember that 18 hour drive we made a few years ago. Anyway, she started naming the interstates needed to drive to Florida! There's 69... then 65... it's still 65... We finally told her to look for I-75 going into FL, and she found it. She found Orlando, Tampa, and St. Pete. Amazing. Some adults can't do that! The really cute thing was that she thought the plane was following those roads to get there.

A Daniel story... I've decided that boys automatically know how to play football. He got down on the floor and hiked the his football to me between his legs, over and over and over again. Too cute.

A Baby story... I heard the heartbeat yesterday!! I have no reason to think that anything is wrong, but after one miscarriage, I am so paranoid! I was just in for the nurse's appointment and I asked to see if she would try to find the heartbeat, and she did. Ahhh... I'm not sick as much anymore and then I started wondering if all was well. I think it's easier after I can feel the baby moving - then you know all is well :)
A "favorite local coffee shop" story... for those of you who are missing the Monday/Thursday half price coffee nights... WE HAVE A SOLUTION! Call Lakeview and ask to purchase a discount card that the junior highers are selling. You can get 50% off any latte anytime! (And yes, that's 50% off and not $.50 off).


Amy said...

I'm glad the appt went well and you feel better! You know I understand! Rachel's cute even w/ the eye, and Daniel's adorable. Brady's starting to tackle--of course it's in self defense since Bryan usually instigates a wrestling match. Oh--before you start checking time stamps, we skipped church this a.m. Not on purpose--just an oops. :)

Keetha said...

Rachel - - - - I can hardly SEE the black eye.

Daniel - - - WAY TO GO!!!! Keep using those football genes!!!!

Kim and Mike said...

What black eye? It kinda looks like eye shadow! :)