Saturday, August 07, 2010

What plant is this?

The fruit looks a little like blueberries, but they're on clusters and grow from a thick red stem - not a bush.


Anonymous said...

From Facebook comments:

Cindy Fletcher VanVuren at 1:59pm
hmmm...i wouldn't eat them :)

Clayton Terhune at 2:05pm

Jan Christoffersen Schmidt at 2:07pm
that is a very poisonous weed! You want to get that out of your yard immediately, and make sure you get it all . . . very noxious to pets and children!

Anonymous said...

Well, Clay wins the prize! You can claim it tomorrow after Andrew's dedication. I've got some big ones (several 7-9 feet tall) growing next to the 2 grape vines at my new house. Kari said the kids have been picking them this week!

Elizabeth said...

i have them in my back yard too. my kids and i picked them, and i ate 2 , and realized they weren't blueberries. im fine, no symptoms or anything. Any one know what they are?

Elizabeth said...

wow, your were right, it is pokeweed. it is poisonous. get rid of them as soon as possible so ur kids dont get sick.