Friday, May 22, 2009

Pastor Dave Terhune

I just wanted to let you know that my father-in-law will be having surgery on Tuesday, May 26. He has a tumor in his thigh that is grapefruit sized and fast-growing. The doctors are 90% sure that it is cancer, but they will cut into it on Tuesday to know for sure. Here is a website to keep you updated...http://


Keetha said...

Kari, your mom just told me about this tonight at school. I'm soooooo concerned about it.

I'm thinking of you, Brad, and all the family during this time.

Terhune Family said...

Thanks, Keetha :)

Ariel Acebo said...

Hi Pastor Dave and Lovely Susan,
You both are always in our prayers and thoughts. We are planning a road trip to come see you - hopefully in beginning of June. The whole family is so anxious to see and visit with you and your new church family. We have so much to share with you. Mary wanted to know if you have any special requests for songs for her to sing when we arrive. We love you and miss you like crazy!!! Ariel Acebo and Family - Mary, Sydney, Josh, Five dogs, Three cats, one Chinchilla, Twelve Chickens and One Rabbit.