Saturday, July 12, 2008

Our July 4th weekend

For the fourth, Mom and Dad drove with all of us up to New York to spend the weekend with Kevin, Tara, and my very handsome nephew David. My sister Kim flew up with her darling baby (and my sweet niece) Hannah from North Carolina. I have a thing for matching outfits with my babies, so we had to take pictures of Sarah and Hannah in their matching outfits. Sarah was thrilled at the prospect of holding Hannah, but Hannah didn't think that was so grand. Check out those chunky legs! Aren't they cute??

More matching outfits... on Saturday, Kevin and Tara took us up to Lake George. We sat on the beach for awhile, where Sarah played and played and played with the sand. She ended up looking rather dirty :) Sand was EVERYWHERE!!!

We took a boat ride on the Minne Ha Ha for about an hour. It was such beautiful scenery and such huge houses! I love this shot of Sarah looking at the water...
One of the few shots of Kevin we've had in recent years. Thankfully he's not nearly as camera-shy as he was before Tara came along. We just love the effect she's had on him :)

On the shores of Lake George... from the left... Tara, David, Daniel, Rachel and Kari. David loved the water as much as Sarah loved the sand. :)

Sarah didn't love the water - I think it was too cold for her toes :)

After David's swim in the lake, he got to get naked on the beach!

Believe it or not, Sarah and David are just about to turn 1! Aunt Kim brought them each an outfit, a toy, and a Baby Einstein CD (Kevin's favorite). Here they're modeling their "birthday suits" and Daniel wanted to get in the picture in his bubble suit.

On Sunday after church, we had a cookout at Kevin and Tara's. Tara fixed some wonderful food, and we had a very relaxing afternoon. Tara's mom brought the kids bubbles, which they loved, as you can see in the picture below. Rachel and Daniel enjoyed their bubbles while Kevin pushed David in his swing.
This is one of my favorite pictures of Hannah - look at that expression!

After the food and the baby's naps, the cousins went skinny-dipping in the baby pool. Kevin's dog Liberty joined in the fun. They were SO CUTE!!

What's a cookout without s'mores? Yum.Rachel is getting quite good at playing Frisbee. We also played a little bit of Bocce ball. I think we'll have to get our own set.

Family fun at the pool...

So guess who showed up with a swimming suit that was almost identical to mine? Great minds think alike.


Robin said...

Wow! Now that looks like a lot of fun! I love Sarah's curls, especially in the back of her hair! And those matching pairs of chubby legs are just too cute!

Amy said...

Great pictures! You all apparently had a lot of fun--even if you did have to wait to get showers. :)

Jay and Tammy Tropf said...

Looks like ya'll had a GREAT time! Good to see pics of all of the "Newell" grandkids! THey are adorable! See ya'll next week at Family Camp!

Kim and Mike said...

I need copies of some of these pictures! :)

Keetha said...

Girl Friend - - - July 4 was a LOOOOOONG time ago!