Saturday, March 08, 2008

Bonanza and Bouncing Trains

Daniel likes to listen to and sing along with the theme songs to both Bonanza and JAG. Everyone in the room is required to "dance" to the theme songs as well. Here we have Daniel, Thomas and Friends singing and "dancing" to Bonanza.

On a side note, Harold the Helicopter and Thomas the Tank Engine have been getting into trouble, according to Daniel. Last night, Harold had to sit in time out for hitting Trevor the traction engine and then Thomas hit Harold twice. This all happened after Daniel had to sit in time out for hitting Rachel. Just coincidence, I'm sure. Enjoy the video!


Keetha said...

Daniel Louise - - - that is some mighty QUIET singing!!!

But I LOVE it.

Amy said...

Very interesting to read such reports about Harold's and Thomas's alternate personalities. The only engines who get in trouble here are the diesels--Diesel and Diesel 10. I'm sure Bryce would be quite distressed to learn that Harold & Thomas are capable of 'being mean.'

Our new song is the Larry-Boy theme song. Right now Bryan is constructing a Larry Cave. He tried to use all the clean cups in the cabinet, which I quickly ended. He's OK with using a cardboard box, although apparently cardboard and plastic don't work the same. Don't ask me--I don't get it either.

Kim and Mike said...

I love how at the end of the song Daniel knew to do the long doooo doooo instead of the short fast ones. How cute!