Thursday, February 21, 2008

A Trip to Memory Lane (aka S Meridian Rd)

My brother recently posted some pictures of himself at the Fort Worth Water Gardens (What are the Water Gardens? Visit - It was a nice childhood memory. So I went and took some pictures of a couple of other childhood memory locations. Since we were born in Bluffton, Indiana and I have office hours in Bluffton twice a week - these were not as hard to come by as Clay's trip to Texas. These locations weren't designed by any famous New York architects, but we had fun with them anyway.

Growing up Clay and I had a thing about finding ways to go underground. The above shot is one of a drainage pipe that we went in several times. I believe that if you went half a mile back in there you would find our names inscribed on the tunnel ceiling. This began a tradition of hanging out in drainage pipe that spanned two other states (Texas and Michigan). We also had lots of fun in caves in Tennessee.

This is the location that actually sparked my memory to stop and take the pictures. You may not be able to tell now, but this is the former site of the Terhune Boys' Dam. It made a nice swimming hole as we backed the creek up for quite a ways. The project was abandoned after too many leeches showed up to swim in our swimming hole. I have a very vivid memory of climbing out of the water and trying to pull this strange thing off my leg and then seeing blood. Then a wild scream dance ensued. Well, that's all for my 3 minute trip down Memory Lane - I couldn't stay much longer because it was only 11 degrees outside and my face was going to freeze off!


Keri said...

The wild scream dance made me laugh out loud!!!!

Good post, Brad!

Give it up for good ol' Btown!

Terhune family said...

My children had better not be walking half a mile into a drainage pipe! (What if it floods???)

Keetha said...

Kari - - - the truth is, you'll have NO IDEA all th places your children walk in/on/around until years later when they are sitting around the Christmas tree or Thanksgiving Turkey reminiscing - - - then you'll just DIE when you hear all about it.

Trust me on this one - - - - - its one of those things you still have to look forward to!!!!