Saturday, January 05, 2008

All I want for Easter is...

OK, so I'm a little behind in posting pictures of Christmas and I decided to just skip to Easter. Not really, but since I didn't get a picture posted about Rachel wanting her three front teeth, here's one about needing 5 teeth for Easter. She just lost the lastest one a few minutes ago, after much twisting and blood. Yuck.
Here is Sarah's 5 month picture with the bear. Unfortunately, I missed the four month shot - maybe I'll have to stick with odd numbers from now on. She's modeling the lovely sweater that Aunt Carol got her for Christmas. It was so cute!

Sarah's favorite toy - her feet. She discovered them sometime after Thanksgiving and has enjoyed them ever since! She's really trying to get them into her mouth, but I think that tummy is making it difficult. :)

When we (Kari and the kids - Brad was skiing with teens) went to Cincy for our Martin family Christmas, we picked up our Thanksgiving craft. We had gone to Cracked Pots and painted pottery and then they had to fire it. Here's my finished product with Sarah's darling feet!


Keetha said...

Rachel, you better HURRY and grow those teeth back in or you'll be a toothless granny before you're much older!!! My how losing teeth has changed your looks.

Kari - - - I love your pottery. We go to a place up in WI on vacation and they fire it in about an hour and we can just wait and get it that same day. It's pretty cool.

Amy said...

Wow--5 missing at once. Rachel better not skimp on the calcium! :) And Sarah is such a roly poly! She's adorable and looks so happy--makes me want to squeeze her! None of mine let me do that anymore. They have too many other things to do, I guess. :)

barb michelen said...
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Terhune family said...

Keetha, we'll have to find somewhere around here that does this - I particularly like the idea of firing it the same day!

Amy, Sarah is very roly poly! She's quite squeezable - and ticklish :) Tonight I was squeezing her legs just for the fun of it and she giggled loudly. It's just too much fun to get her giggling, but it makes me laugh when I wasn't really intending to tickle her.