Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I'm an aunt!

Things have been crazy around here, so I haven't even been reading many blogs, let alone posting! However, I have to let you know that I became an aunt on Sunday, and Kevin actually posted pictures on his blog! Kim has some on hers, too, so check out the links to the right.
I'm plugging along, waiting on this baby to arrive. Our little schedule is off by two days, so we actually have 9 days to go until the due date.
Rachel has learned to ride her bike, and she just lost her two front teeth!
Daniel is into everything and loves to swing. Daddy got the swingset put together, which he is LOVING!
Brad's parents ended up buying a house a half block away for a summer home, so Susan stayed on from their vacation. It will be great to have her here when Sarah is born! The house needs a lot of work, so she's living with us until September when Dave comes back.
I had a lady machine quilt the two quilt tops that I pieced over the last two years, and now I'm working on finishing the binding. I'll post pictures when I'm done. I also just got my custom framing kit from Creative Memories and held my first custom framing party on Monday - very fun. I'm having our wedding photo, four generation photo with my grandmother and a favorite photo of Rachel and Daniel framed. So now I can do framing parties as well as digital, PicFolio and traditional scrapbooking. I'm excited!
Brad is keeping busy with his many jobs and getting ready for Sarah to make her appearance. We're just about completely moved from the other house, but we still have boxes here. Ugh. It takes forever. Please be praying about our house sale - just found out today that the sale of our buyer's house in Arkansas may not go through, which means our sale will not go through. We can't keep on like this forever! Please pray for a quick resolution!
That's all for now... Daniel is playing with my quilting pins...


Amy said...

Thinking about you! Make sure I'm on your hospital call list. :)

Jenn Mealy said...

Can't wait to hear that I am an "aunt" again too! You will call me right?!

We need to get together. I miss you!

Michelle B said...

HI Kari,
Congratulations on your nephew! Can't wait to here your news, too!!