Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Back into the swing of things...

Brad and I just came back from a wonderful weekend at Fairmount Campgrouds - yes, Fairmount is wonderful, but it's even better at Married Couples Retreat! We had a very restful weekend, and now it's back to "real life." Tomorrow I give my first test to my Exploring Chemistry students, which also means I have to grade the test. (That's the downside.)
I'm still packing, just one box at a time, and getting stuff out of this house and into the other. After our new carpet estimate came in way too high, we have picked out different carpet to install, and we decided not to do the upstairs. It doesn't seem so bad once we've been in the house, and there's plenty of other things to spend our money on. Brad spent several hours today trying to remove the carpet and vinyl in the kitchen in preparation for the ceramic tile that we are having installed. He thinks he pulled a muscle or two. Ouch.
I did make myself a pan of chocolate chip cookie bars tonight, and I even shared with the family. Daniel loved it. I must say that the cookies were as close to perfect as they could be - very helpful when I'm feeling out of sorts. :)
So, life continues... Daniel is waking up several times a night and we're working on "crying it out" a bit. Then we'll move and it will all be for naught. I'm hopeful that we'll get one or two good nights of sleep between now and the move. He is saying some words that seem to make sense, like "ack" for Jack, and something that sounds like "all done." Very cute. He also just sprouted two more teeth, for a total of six.
Rachel is learning how to add and spell. She reads very well, although she doesn't think so. She actually has homework now that she's a big first grader. Her latest thing was to put her fake grass skirt on her head and style it like it was her hair. She actually did a really good job with it! She figured out how to put it in pigtails all by herself.
I have some wallpaper to remove and paint to put in its place in the new house. I think the mold is mostly gone from the kitchen and bathroom, but we still have cleaning to do! I'm just trying to keep things in perspective and in order in my brain. Enough for now...it's time for bed!


Jim and Jaena said...

Sounds like a busy time, Kari...hang in there, it is just a "season." :o)

As far as Gia being around for photos, I think she usually comes in January (at least that is when she has visited the past two years since her move to California.) That's just too convenient for our family with two January birthdays, isn't it? And she doesn't even come "for us," it just works out that way. Let me know if you want her contact info.

Anonymous said...

Kari- please put up before and after photos of your kitchen- I love to see projects progress- This Old House Addict, Shannon White

Anon said...

Got your letter in the mail today. Sounds like life is keeping you hopping.

Keetha said...

What???? You still use stamps to send mail?????? Novel idea that!!

Terhune family said...

Yes, and it's quite expensive when I send a mailing to my entire Creative Memories mailing list! Anon actually lets me use her real name on that mailing list.

Anonymous said...

Let's try this again. I thought I sent you a comment last night, but I don't see it. Hopefully I'll get the hang of blogworld. Anyway...Hi Kari! Rachel is growing up so quicly like Emily. Daniel is adorable! Congratulations on the new/old house.


Kim and Joel said...

You sound crazy busy! It brought back memories to see the pictures of your "new" house. It looks great!

Lisa said...


I can feel your pain. We too are in the process of moving. Packing with kids is quite interesting, as are the questions that they ask. We'll have to catch up when we get to Marion...our oldest is the same as yours! You would remember me from Education classes - Lisa (Lytle) Huber.

Phil just took a position at IWU as Technical Director. Drop me an email at plhuber@flmtgif.org. I'd love to connect.