Monday, April 01, 2013

The last few weeks... of study.

There have been lots of places to work from.
Many desks loaned to me while I cover
the owner's work and do some of my own, too.

I sat in ISS, listened to music, ate Cheetos,
drank Meijer's diet cranberry soda and 
typed a couple of papers for Congregational Leadership.

I didn't have to spend too much time focused on
class-wide bathroom breaks for 1st graders.
A genius had them built into the classrooms
individually!  Brilliant.

Though being in a self-contained first grade classroom
meant no graduate work completion, but I did manage
some reading during one of their video times.

My class was not on Spring Break while IWU was
on their Spring Break.  It did mean nearly private
library time though during research week.
It was a nice break from the norm.

It also gave me the ability to sit in this nice 
chair-with-a-view location.  Note: I did
say this snow scene represented IWU's 
Spring Break time.

I got to be a music teacher, too!  The band teacher
helped me work up a great lesson that combined
art, listening to music and finished off with dancing.
Excellent day with a short break for reading
through lunch time.

Then it was back to my first love - science class!
Three whole days in the same room in a well-managed
class and some video time on the last day that allowed
me to type some stuff for Spiritual Formation.

Then it was time for my Spring Break.
The most snow of the entire winter came in spring.