Wednesday, January 30, 2013

M.Div. Desk Studies

Not to be confused with actually studying at my desk while working on my Masters of Divinity, this is a pictorial study of my desks that I work from.  Well, the other day in our M.Div. cohort Facebook group a couple of others posted pictures of their work spaces.  So I posted a coming and going version of my desk space at Fairmount Wesleyan.

... and Going.

But the truth is that I work from many spaces and my M.Div. work is usually loaded in a left-over Upward backpack and travels with me wherever I go.  I got to do all my prep work for the final paper and assessment assignment in a choir room at Madison-Grant High School.  I finally wrote those assignments from my couch at home.  But now I have decided to take pictures of study areas that I utilize in this process. They may or may not make it online, but I decided to put these first shots on the blog (because it must feel so lonely since we never post here anymore).  

Week one in Congregational Leadership and Spiritual Formation were managed from Cindi Skipper's desk at Marion High School as I pulled double duty as a Earth Science and Enviromental Science substitute.