Thursday, February 07, 2013

Getting to be my wife...

As Kari has flitted off to the annual HASTI (Hoosier Association of Science Teachers, Inc.) convention, I've stayed behind to manage the homestead and, for the first time, to be her for a couple of days - at school.

I'm no Kari, but I am happy to report that nothing caught fire or exploded in the Chemistry Lab today though someone did change the background photo on one of the lab computers to an unflattering picture of President Obama.  There was also a drawing of A Justin Beaver attacking Tokyo drawn on the board during a passing period.  Both situations were dealt with in a timely manner and only one student got a referral all day, but that had nothing to do with the last two things mentioned.

Well, as I left for the day, equations had been balanced and I even submitted some work for my own personal classes.  This was a good desk to work from and the wildlife mainly grazed today.  Round two starts tomorrow!

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